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Surviving the Golden Age - 07.10.19
“With ‘oh-la-la-la’ backing vocals and a 90s-pop/rock edge similar to Letters to Cleo…[Candlelight and Roses is] filled with a kind of snark Daria would love.”

Alchemical Records - 07.10.19
“[Candlelight and Roses] simultaneously evokes classic ’60s “wall of sound” vibes and early aughts pop punk feels.”

Get in Her Ears (radio show) - 06.27.19
“[Candlelight and Roses is] a song to put on the smile on the face of any cynic, it flows with Mattea’s emotion-strewn, soulful vocals and catchy ‘60s pop-inspired melodies complete with Shangri-las reminiscent backing vocals.”

Parklife DC - 06.21.19
“First impressions are usually dangerous, a notion that almost certain applies to Maryjo. You might think this pleasant young woman giving off a good girl vibe might sing pleasing but lightweight pop tunes more suited to what used to be known as AM radio. But you’d be spectacularly wrong.” –

Hometown Sounds - 06.14.19
“‘Candlelight and Roses’ is dark, cynical and yet still sweetly adorable… We think the full EP is going to be an essential feature in music lovers’ Bandcamp collections and Spotify playlists.”

Alchemical Records - 05.03.19
“Good storytelling is in the details, which is demonstrated by her lyrics, that are at times existential, and at times meditations on love and relationships.”

Get in Her Ears (blog) - 04.10.19
“[A New Normal] is a luscious and energising slice of infectious pop-rock that soon builds to become a groove-filled, ’90s-infused anthem. A track that’ll be stuck in your ears in an instant, ‘A New Normal’ will demand multiple listens without a doubt.”

A Pessimist is Never Disappointed - 03.17.19
“‘Forces of Nature’ is charming, chiming, and winsome.”

Halopygian Music - 02.25.19
“[Forces of Nature] has that real American pop-rock sound…Everything’s in its right place and it’ll be bouncing around in your head for days after.”

The Outside Set - 01.21.19
Special guest on The Outside Set radio show on WOWD 94.3 FM.

DC Music Rocks - 01.15.19
Special guest on DC Music Rocks radio show on WERA 96.7 FM.

Parklife DC - 01.15.19
“Willowy and chirpy, Maryjo Mattea did not at first seem like a performer who might draw comparisons to post-grunge women of the ‘90s. But once Maryjo started singing, she sang with gutsy fervor, eliciting smiles and dances as tunes tumbled out of her guitar and into our ear at DC9 recently.”

Chunky Glasses - 12.07.18
“Maryjo Mattea is in pretty much ALL of the bands in Washington, D.C., and on her new single she’s being joined by good friend Cody Valentine (Allthebestkids) for a potent tale of personal empowerment and the joys that are out there waiting for us when we set ourselves free.”

24OurMusic - 11.20.18
“[The Other Side’s] shifts between major and minor keys and it’s unconventional, jagged rhythmic structure have garnered comparisons to Radiohead, but Mattea’s powerful and distinctive vocals are what make the song really stand out.”

Loud Women - 11.08.18
“[The Other Side is] a gorgeously genre-smashing song… It’s a fab piece of music.”

Week in Pop - 11.06.18
“[The Other Side is] an epic and uncompromising anthem.”

Surviving the Golden Age - 10.24.18
“Reminiscent of Liz Phair, a mixture of grunge rock with pop sensibilities.”

DCist - 08.16.18
"On 'We Were Here,' a very Jill Sobule-sounding Maryjo Mattea sings "The laughter and the cheer, the omnipresent tears—we all get knocked down but we keep on dancing." The D.C.-based vocalist and guitarist cites Alanis Morissette and the Beatles as musical influences and performs both solo and in several bands, including rock duo Two Dragons and a Cheetah and dreampop outfit Color Palette."

Hometown Sounds - 11.15.17
Special guest on Hometown Sounds podcast. 

Project HERA - 11.03.17
"Mattea is a staple in the D.C. music scene, playing in a wide variety of arrangements... Maryjo’s powerful voice carries a message reminding us that, ‘… if you’re not mad/ Then you’re not paying attention.’"

Another Wasted Hour - 06.28.17
Special guest on Another Wasted Hour podcast episode 28: "Sax and the City."

Thump - 01.19.17
Featured on "11 Protest Parties You Can't Miss This Inauguration Weekend, in D.C. and Beyond" list.

1001 Records - 09.30.16

Four Minute Symphonies featured on September 2016's best albums list!

iCadenza artist interview - 08.16.16
"Maryjo Mattea is a prolific musician in Washington, DC, actively performing in at least three bands as well as composing her own music and participating in many side projects."

DC Music Rocks radio show - 08.16.16
Special guest on DC Music Rocks radio show on WERA 96.7 FM.

Power Popaholic - 07.08.16
"Rocket Science is an obvious single, with a hummable chorus and strong guitar solo in the break. 'We Were Here' is a frantic ’90s pop theme that would work well in a sitcom’s credits... I prefer the bouncy 'Wish I May' which falls in the power pop category with its hand claps and harmonies. Give it a chance on your play list."

One Love Massive - 07.06.16
"True to her style, [Four Minute Symphonies] is an amazing blend of folk/rock melodies fused with her incredible voice."

Chunky Glasses - 06.20.16
"[We Were Here is] power pop [with] a little 90s edge to it, but ultimately a satisfying sunny hit of rock and roll... As we roll into summer, this is a f*cking good summer song."

Poetry in an Empty Coke Can - 04.27.16
"Maryjo Mattea, the folk-pop-punk-rock songstress and local fixture on the DC circuit...performs regularly in the District on any given night of the week with any of her many bands, which currently include synthpop collective Color Palette and the Beatles tribute act Doctor Robert and Penny Lane."

Hometown Sounds - 04.20.16
"Maryjo Mattea has the charisma and the songwriting chops to rise above lesser singers and develop a substantial following."