He Who Shall Not Be Named

Don’t accuse me of not listening

When you refused to speak

Don’t make me feel bad for being strong

Just because you were too weak

Avoidance is so easy

Denial’s just the same

But hiding your head beneath the sand

Won’t take away your shame

Don’t you dare play the part of the victim

Because you’re afraid to act

And don’t try to twist the truth around

To make fiction look like fact

There’s no reward in cowardice

No glory in running away

Time will keep on passing by

And you’ll still bear this blame

Vai se foder

Don’t even think for a second

That ignorance makes you immune

And don’t bother with the pretense

We all know the problem was you

But sadness doesn’t serve us

Revenge won’t make us whole

Forgiveness is far too good for you

But they say that it’s good for the soul