cANdlelight and roses

The last thing the world needs is another tortured love song

So why should I write this song for you

And if I did, it’d all come out wrong

So tell me, what’s a girl to do?

We’ve all heard the tunes about forever

But forever won’t get me through the night

So how ‘bout we knock it off and just suffice to say

That, yeah, you’re okay, now let’s get on with our lives

I’ve suffered my fair share of pining

Didn’t get me anywhere but here

So tell me what’s the sense in whining

About some long lost loved one that you hold so dear

If he didn’t call you in the morning

Didn’t care enough to stay the night

You could sit up all night writing maudlin melodies

But let’s be honest, it’s just not worth the time

We don’t need candlelight and roses

And shut the fuck up about romance

Give me a call when you’ve got your shit figured out

And if I’m not home, you may have lost your chance

As far as love songs go, I think I’m gonna pass